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SKIN: A MEDITATION • collaboration with Julia Knight

conceived by valerie barnes + Julia Knight


A multimedia installation that speaks to the subjects of identity, acceptance, respect and understanding. It takes place in three areas which represent the three layers of our skin:  the first area (the epidermis), plays the film "Their Stories"; the second area (the dermis) presents "Her Story", and the third (the hypodermis) is an interactive area that allows you, the viewer, to create "Your Story".

Work in progress shown at The Cleveland Collection, Cleveland OH, 2017, The Art Factory, Paterson NJ, 2018 and The Norwood Club, NYC 2019.

Passerby  •  collaboration with Kimia Rahgozar + Julia Knight

conceived by Kimia Rahgozar

Kimia Rahgozar sought to escape the confines of exhibiting her photography via the traditional gallery route by, instead, taking it to the people. She chose to do this in Harlem, NYC.  By carrying and placing a 30x30 photograph in select spots, the opportunity for pedestrians to either recognize it or pass it by was presented.

Passerby is the documentation of this moment, the moment when art is removed from the confines of an art space and becomes one with the people.  

Shown at The Etemad Gallery, Tehran Iran 2015

nittīyaak’•’kinnituk’ •  collaboration with Floyd Dan Grigsby

A film by Floyd Dan Grigsby

 nittīyaak’•’kinnituk’, at the surface, tells of the sensitivity and ease with which indigenous and aboriginal musicians approach musical composition and performance, how their work is currently affecting American culture, and a look back at how these affects were either overlooked or misrepresented historically. The story will also reflect a narrative that the majority of American music fans and academics hadn't previously acknowledged. To be clear, we are not suggesting sole ownership, nor are our intentions directed at lessening or discrediting other ethnic cultural contributors and/or accomplishments, but rather a rightful recognition as major contributors to American musical culture.

Currently in production.

The Widow Series •  collaboration with Jil Guyon

conceived by Jil Guyon

This project series explores themes and abstractions ranging from grief to female identity. In each creation a woman wearing a black dress, heels, and an unfurling belt

is driven into an unexpected environment and forced to contend with the emotional and symbolic energies of each site she inhabits.  Filmed in various locations including The Salt Flats, Utah • New York City • Iceland.  Project spans 2014-2022.

Jessica Finds Her Way •  collaboration with Mihoko Suzuki

conceived by Mihoko Suzuki

The film showcases a dancer from the Corps de Ballet whose true passion and beauty has been quietly stowed in the realm of classical performing arts often as a "backdrop" for the principal dancers. Here on the street corners of New York City, where the aspects of daily life are raw and unscripted in contrast to the stylized fairy tale glory of the ballet world, the dancer suddenly emerges and discovers her own environment which allows her to be herself. Featuring dancer Jessica Saund  (American Ballet Theatre). 

Filmed at Union Square Park, New York City.

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