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“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” –  Anatole France

  I am proud to support the following non-profit organizations.

The Wild Bird Fund • NYC



American Woodcock.png

American Woodcock

The only rehabilitation center in New York City that helps to rescue and rehab our wild bird population.  Founded by Rita McMahon, this center treats over 6000 birds per year including swans, pigeons, baby birds, ducks, chickens, hawks etc. plus an array of other animals, before being sent to appropriate sanctuaries or being released back into the wild.   Many birds and animals are brought to this tiny space on the Upper West Side by concerned New Yorkers and New York's bravest and finest.   The WBF relies solely on the kind spirit of New York City residents' donations.  

If you find an injured bird or small animal, contact the Wild Bird Fund at 646.306.2862 or visit their website at


You can also follow them on Facebook.  Rita has a background in advertising so their postings are original, often hilarious and very engaging.

Goats of Anarchy • Annandale NJ

Goat 2.png

Who would have thought that goats would have special needs?  Leanne Lauricello did which is why she founded the non-profit Goats of Anarchy.  

Every time I see one of her beautiful goat photos posted on Instagram, my eyes tear.  It is remarkable how one person can set out on a journey and turn it into a bastion of love, care and kindness for all to see and share. Leanne is truly another inspiring force.

Check out the goats on her instagram @goatsofanarchy or visit them at

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