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Love one another but make not a bond of love; let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls.

                               -- Khalil Gibran

The As You Are Films

A wedding is the celebration of love but what was the journey that led two people to decide to commit themselves to each other for a lifetime?  And, what thoughts/emotions swirl inside when they think about their upcoming wedding?

The "as you are" film series was created to learn the couple's story using their own words.  This story reflects their thoughts and feelings either before the wedding day, on the wedding day or after the wedding day.  

You can have the story of your choice told -- a short story ("as you are on the day"), a more in-depth story ("as you are in anticipation"), or, a story told afterwards ("as you are upon reflection").  Each story includes wedding day footage along with soundbites from conversations had.  Also, depending on the package selected, an additional day with the couple will be required.

Each film is an artistic interpretation of your story.  They are tightly woven, non-chronological montages that, along with video, may include other storytelling elements such as printed text or ambient sounds.  You also have the option of adding Super 8 and/or Super 35mm film.  

Whichever story you choose to have told, it will be told in a sensitive and caring manner.  It is my privilege as a filmmaker to be invited to listen, film and create your story.

Please inquire to learn more.

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