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“Filmmaking is the ultimate team sport." 

- Michael Keaton

William Poznanski Jr. • Director of Photography


Bill brings a wealth of experience to every project he tackles.  His shooting skill not only assures cinematic quality, but his ability to handle any unexpected situation, instills a confidence that clients can take comfort in when he is on-site.


Though he acts as lead cinematographer for weddings, his repertoire also includes corporate, performance and music films.   In 2016, Bill's "I Ain't Lazy, I'm Just Dreamin'" won the Best Music Video Award at both the Jerome AZ Film and Music Festival and the Coney Island Film Festival.

He has been filming with valeriebarnesfilm since 2008

Jon Waldman • Director of Photography

Jon's love of cinematography began in middle school.  This led him on a path to study film in college where he received a  Bachelor of Science in Electronic

Media & Film from Towson University.  

He loves exploring creative ideas, whether it be handheld camera movement or   using prisms to reshape an image.  He is always experimenting, searching for new ideas to further his skill.

Jon began working with valeriebarnesfilm in 2017.  Since then, not only has he handled 2nd cinematography responsibilities, but also pulled the reins as director

of photography.


His ability to easily navigate through every project along with his understanding of new technologies makes him an invaluable team member.

Janene Knox • 2nd cinematographer

Born in New Zealand, Janene adds her own flavor to the mix of creative cinematography. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Filmmaking from Canterbury University.  Since then, she has dived into varying roles in video/film production.  "A Reason to Stay" (2015), a feature documentary in which she directed, produced and edited, screened at a multitude of film festivals across the US and NZ.

She handles 2nd camera cinematography responsibilities for valeriebarnesfilm.  Her discerning eye is shown in the images she films, and her laid-back persona makes those around her feel at ease.  This combination allows her to authentically capture the essence of the moment.


She has worked with valeriebarnesfilm since 2008.

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